Eucalyptus Silk Pillowcase


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Banish breakouts and bad skin - Eucalypso pillowcases made out of natural organic eucalyptus help put stubborn acne to rest.

Beauty experts recommended. Dermatologist approved.

Eucalyptus fibers are nature's more sustainable and renewable silk. Get the same pampering effects as silk pillowcases while protecting the environment as you sleep.

Eucalypso‘s 100% TENCELlyocell fibers keeps your skin clear, so you can sleep comfortably every night.

Comes in sets of 2 pillowcases.

+ Struggling with bacne and breakouts? Exceptionally soft and silky, these pillowcases prevent bacterial growth, which means less opportunity for acne.

+ Looking for silky soft hair? You are what you ...sleep on. Much like silk, these pillowcases help protect your hair and keep it luscious while you sleep.

+ Sensitive skin? Have no fear! These pillowcases are non irritating and are not scented.

+ Living sustainably? Eucalypso products are made in a zero-waste closed loop process that involves no harsh chemicals or toxic solvents

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