Beautysession takes natural beauty seriously.

Our eyebrow waxing and shaping techniques are the result of years of experience caring for those who want to look and feel amazing in their own skin.  

Why new clients get extra love 

The right treatment for you should have you looking effortlessly beautiful and needing less "work" every morning to stay in great shape. That's why every new client appointment is a conversation. We'll ask about your daily routine, explore your natural shape, and walk you through our recommendations before a single hair is removed.

Find your natural shape

We style your brows based on facial structure, personal aesthetic and lifestyle. Whether you're a brush-and go gal or an extra-strength gel fanatic, our specialists will match your eyebrows to your lifestyle.

Plan on staying up to an hour and we'll walk you through the process of getting the perfect brows. 

Appointment cadence

Our approach helps you train the growth of your brows and also your eye for your brows so that only minimal grooming is needed between sessions. 

For the first few months, we'll ask to see you often (about every 4 weeks). This regular treatment is essential so we can learn your hair growth patterns and train the new growth. Everyone is different, but once the new shape is established, most of our clients prefer to wax every 6 weeks.

Each session is finished with a natural cosmetic brow fill-in suitable for your aesthetic and lifestyle. If we haven't already handed you a mirror, please ask! We love educating clients about their brows and different techniques to reach them brow goals.

Not sure what you need to achieve the perfect brows?

We can help you find the right approach, whether that's a simple shape and wax, a hand-tweeze, or an additional treatment like a brow tint or brow lift for that extra somethang.


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