We're working hard to keep you safe. 

For the health of our guests and our staff, we are no longer accepting gratuity. 

This change assures transparency and ability to stay as sanitary as possible in the studio; you can now walk in and out of the salon without sharing pens, touching screens, or opening your wallet. Let's take care of each other. 

Natural Brow Services

Sessions last up to an hour. For sessions with Monica, add $10. 

New Client

Brow Shape (Wax or Tweeze) $60 

Read about why new clients get extra love

Existing Client

Brow Shape $38 

Brow Shape + Tint $65





Lash Services

Beautysession is not only a Keratin lash Infusion exclusive studio, but Monica is also Oregon's regional trainer. After going through training and certification with multiple lash lifting systems, we've landed with KLI. We find it to be the most gentle of all systems and also the only patent keratin infusion vs. sealing the lash follicle compromised and potentially brittle.

Lash Tint $55

Keratin Lash Infusion (KLI) $135

KLI Maintenance Tint $35


Facial Waxing Add-ons

Need a little extra taken off?

We offer additional waxing services.

Prices reflect services when combined with brow waxing or shaping. 

  • Lip
  • Chin
  • Nostril
  • Earlobe

Add 1, 2, or 3 extras to your brow service. 

+ 1 Add-On $17

+ 2 Add-On $27

+ 3 Add-On $37


Body Waxing & Sugaring 

Beautysession is so excited to extend our intentional approach to body waxing and sugaring.

Arms and underarms are first up on the menu while we continue to perfect our full body hair removal treatments.


  • Tweezing of stubborn hairs not removed with wax or sugar
  • Nourishing oil and a warm towel to remove any stickiness so you're ready for your next move
  • Our beloved in-studio made skin sanitizer to soothe and prevent irritation